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Cuti-holiday-Vacations :D

Woohooo!!! :D

Okay,you might know what I'm gonna talk about today.. WHAT? you don't know???
Fine, it up there on the title bar duh?? I am going for a vacation at kampung on the 12 of June and right now,its Kaamatan Festival. And guess what?? Aliya, my adik angkat is about 3 blocks away from my house!! She's my jiran and my bestie..okay talking back about the vacations I have a poll to put in please answer the questions ya! Okay gotta go. oh! I almost forget please go to its so cool man!!

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Sorry, to all :D

Dear, readers

I am extra sorry for not updating my blog for a while, I have been very busy right now. Right now, I no idea in my head to write, either articles or news. Oh ya.. before I go, please tell your'e friends about my blog... I wanna be popular!!

Yours Sincerly
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