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I Luv Kundasang!!!

Guess what, I went to Kundasang, the trip was totally amazing, I need not stay at a hotel,instead at ahomestay (Hj.Salman's Homestay) Over there, was beautiful moutains and hills I actually say the Mount Kinabalu even nearer than Kinabalu Park!!!! When I was on the way from K.K I felt absolutely dizzy and actually I felt like I was in a boat (but actually in a car) Okey I feel tired of writing because It's a very tiring day.. and I very sleepy here's some photos of my souvenirs from Kundasang..

The 1st picture is my Collection of Seashells

The 2nd picture is my Rock Collections (That I got from the homestay) There is even GRANITE!

The 3rd picture is Gunung Kinabalu ... of course.

Okey,I feel sleepy now

TTYN( Ta-ta for now )(peace no war)

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